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Posted by MFish

When I was a young man, I purchased a
car. The car was a 1930, 2 door, Model A
Ford. It was in a friends garage, up on
blocks, with the original wooden spoked
wheels and the tires too. I made an offer
to this family friend. He sold me the car
for $100.
The first thing I did was replace the tires
and wheels, as the original tires were
cracked and wouldn't hold air.
The interior was remarkably fine. No holes
to see. The body had a few minor dents from
a small collision with some immovable object.
Very little damage to a car, older than I.
A battery had been installed in the car
but it also had a hand crank, which was still
there. The gas tank was placed in front of the
windshield and had a device in the fill cap which
showed you what the gas level was. There was
a choke and a spark retard on the steering column.
You started the car by turning on the key and pressing
a Start button, after you activated the choke to supply
fuel. The car was enjoyable to me, at an earlier life.
Now I wish I still had my car. A black, 2 door Model A Ford.

A Comment by Carl

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Carl • 12/30/2020 at 11:02AM • Like 1 Profile

A first car stays for ever in our mind. Mine was a 1949 Pontiac. It was in great shape and I paid $120 for it... such a great experience.

A Comment by MFish

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MFish • 12/30/2020 at 02:24PM • Like 1 Profile

Yes, it certainly is. I remember almost every thing but was puzzled when I wrote about the Retard lever and how it worked.

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