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Posted by MFish

The years have gone by so quickly, it seems like yesterday.
Memories live on, although the running does not.
I started running, as I recall, to get into better
shape and be more fit, to play soccer. I fell in love
with the sport when I started to coach our children,
but I digress.
I didn't like rising early to "Go for a run." I preferred
the time after work. The running craze had started about
then but there was little information, small choice of
equipment (shoes) and small running events.
My first running shoes, were Pumas. They were heavy,
bulky, with leather insoles. They were pretty, leather but
not really a running shoe.
When I arrived home, I knew I had better change to my
running gear, or I wouldn't get out the door. I would
put on the Pumas, swimming trunks, t shirt and a light
windbreaker and take off.
I had several training "loops" a variety of distances. The one
I used most was approximately 4 miles. I would run this
loop every night or sometimes reverse direction.
The slap, slap of my heavy shoes would establish a cadence
of noise. There wasn't any Sony Walkman as of yet as that
would come later. I found when I had music going it made
running easier. When I started I had to slow down and walk
if I were going to complete the course. As the training progressed
my conditioning became stronger and I could do the 4 miles, and
not have to walk. The same applied as I ran the longer routes
of 6, 10 and 15 miles. I must admit the word "running" could be
construed incorrectly and should probably be titled, "jogging".
I recall entering a 10K, or 6.2 mile run, in Bellevue. I was moving
along pretty nice, for me, when a runner with a rope around his
waist, passed me. Hanging on to the rope was a well know runner,
named, Norm Bright. He was blind. I was not.
Over the years I entered many of the so called, "fun runs"
I entered, along with a friend, the Vancouver, Canada, Marathon,
in May 1990. I started and finished the 26.2 mile run with an
occasional walk. My time was 4hours, 5 minutes.
I will long remember the feeling of elation, which came over me,
when finishing. 1990 was also, the year I ran a total of 4 marathons,
Vancouver, The Goodwill Games, Portland and the Seattle Marathon.
I didn't say I was smart, but I was very fit.

A Comment by Carl

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Carl • 12/08/2020 at 11:55PM • Like 1 Profile

I never got into running, I talked myself into believing my body wasn’t built for it..... I am glad I did but I wish I hadn’t....

A Comment by MFish

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MFish • 12/09/2020 at 10:10PM • Like 1 Profile

Aside from being more fit, I must admit, my favorite time running, was when I finished. Thanks, Carl

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