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Posted by MFish

I lay next to her, my oldest friend,
with fear by my side, as I pretend.
The life we have loved, is close
to the end, as she morphs into a
child. A young child once again.
A young person, in her mentality,
but old in her physical reality.
My head on the pillow
as tears start to seep,
while the sadness overcomes me,
as I pray for others, and fall asleep.
I write of sadness, to no avail,
wondering about life and my fail.
Failed to keep her safe from harm.
A failure too late, to see the alarm,
as her memories, slowly fade away.
Please don't tell me, "Have a good day."

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Loy • 12/08/2020 at 09:22PM • Like 1 Profile

Touching, sad and beautiful

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MFish • 12/08/2020 at 10:11PM • Like Profile

Thank you, my friend. I always enjoy and appreciate your comments.

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