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Posted by MFish

The Carpet

Posted by MFishProfile 09/15/20 at 11:09PM Government See more by MFish

The carpet must be bumpy now,
when we count up all the dead.
As all the bad news of Co-vid19,
is being covered up and instead
of having a National Plan for this
decision, you keep the data in your head.
What kind of a man are you now?
Who is afraid to fight, the fight
of fairness and who uses
dirty deeds by lying about what is right.
You are evil, it's plain to see,
when you lied to all the Citizens
about what the Democrats mean to thee.
A spiteful man, is what you are,
but I don't want to write, you see,
for the lies you tell will live long
when you die in infamy.

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