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Posted by MFish

Now we argue about the news of
Corona deaths are now confused
and the number of deaths due to
the virus are lower than being stated.
A play on words? Of course it is.
We've been told, those citizens with
underlying health issues are at
greater risk than a healthy person.
So it is safe to say, the Corona
Virus is a contributor to the death
of so many. To argue differently
is moot and misses the point.
Spinning the data to improve the
perception of you, as a leader, is
typical for a Draft dodging person,
like you. I believe you have a "Cult"
as I observe.
Four more years of this style of
Control is absurd, as you trample
on the Constitution and the rights
of others who are of another race
or a different color. You are not a
leader. You are a failed businessman
who does not know how to manage.
That is my view of this terrible

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