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Posted by MFish

Where do you go,
when you're with me?
A sadness is here
and then I see,
you no longer remember we.
I talk of what and how,
we lived our good life
and you reply to me,
"I don't remember or recall,
those parts of our history."
You ask me questions;
"Did you know my Dad?"
I answer you by
saying, "Yes, he was a nice man."
The pain I feel is for thee
and of this life's uncertainty,
for my love for you is
still running strong,
as I wrestle with,
where do you belong.
At what point in
this life sublime,
do I say to you,
"Now is the time/"

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Loy • 08/30/2020 at 07:23PM • Like 1 Profile

So sad for her to lose those beautiful memories - I'm sure there are many

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