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Posted by MFish

I am struggling this morning to write
my own words. I can't seem to
rid my mind of the lyrics of
"Bye, Bye, American Pie" by Don
Words so profound, about "The
Day the Music Died."
It was the day the World lost the music
of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper,
aka, J P Richardson and the pilot Roger Peterson.
The day was February 3, 1959.
I was sitting with my lovely wife, on our deck,
listening to music. It was better than watching all
the re-runs on TV
I am a child of the first commercial TV in Seattle.
Programs of the late 40's.
TV is ingrained in my Soul. Mostly children programs,
in Black and White with a lot of snowy background.
You could see images but...
It was a time so long ago, I have to dig deep in
my memory to pull it forth.

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