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Posted by MFish

Here I do sit,
A powerless twit,
That is afraid to say,
About this grey day
And about, tomorrow's dawn
Or the life beyond.
The fear, I have
Comes every day
And just won't go away.
I hate the weakness,
Inside of me
And pray that God,
Will also see,
A man, who is trying,
Even when he is crying
Inside, so no one can see,
My internal fight, with agony.

The sunlight
spirals downward; caught
by the dust in the trees,
then burrows into the
piles of scattered leaves.
Life goes on, as Sun rays
spill toward the sheltered ground.
There is a golden silence
for the wind blows, not now.
It will resume in morning
hours, before the Rooster crows;.
Life is beautiful when you
hear the Songbird sing
about a song and ring
of light, from the Sun above
filled with warmth
and with love.

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