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Posted by MFish

The best part of living this long,
are all the friends you made.
The worst part appears to be,
how many friends are no longer here.
Life can be fickle. Being strong to endure,
for all the factors attached are obscure.
I miss my friends; my memories do recall,
all the good things, Spring, Summer and Fall.
The best part of life have roared fast,
a blink of the eye, it's now past.
Put your trust in your Lord above,
remembering to cherish; remember to love.

I am here.
You are not.
Our children grown,
a love sought,
from each other,
during journey's life.
We are still
husband and wife.
My thoughts gone,
from my head.
A mental state,
I now dread,
seeing you allow,
here and now,
fills my heart,
with my vow,
of loving you,
is my joy
and I do
all this for
you to see
the better part
of older me.

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