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Posted by MFish

A conversation begins with a single word
mingling with others and is heard.
A string of thoughts, in the air,
a strong discussion in the World, everywhere.
No matter the language that is spoke;
spinning a story or telling a joke.
The words in the string can convey
what happened in life, every day.
When a chain of words, becomes broken
there is no discussion or even a token
of a hearty discourse; a complete thought
a frustration of what life has wrought.
Words not together, become a real mess,
causing both parties to suffer undue duress.
How to fix this, I am unsure
for with Dementia there is no cure.

The ebb and flow
of living life,
from overpowering love
to increasing strife,
captures one's thoughts again,
filled with days of Sun
and nights of rain.
A battle will rage within
as we mortal people,
will decide to win,
the grandeur of this land,
will be captured once more
for the enduring glory of man.

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