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Posted by MFish

Alone on a hillside on a Fall day,
hoping a deer might come my way.
I sat with my back to a large tree,
when the Sun rose, shining on me.
I struggled hard to stay awake
but not on this day, a nap I did take.
I'm not sure of just how
long I slept by that big tree.
When I awoke an animal was looking at me.
Rubbing my eyes, using the back of my hand,
thinking, at last it was the promised land.
No such luck and I'm unsure of how;
I was looking into the eyes of dairy cow.

I walk at night.
I walk alone,
On my way,
without my phone.
There is no distraction.
No music to hear,
As I face my worries,
While acknowledging my fear.

A fear of failure now,
As your slow decline
Of memory loss,
Increases the damage.
Increases the cost
Of caring for you.
In a manner of good
For you my sweet one,
It must be understood,
For you can't help yourself,
On this Summer Day.
When you talk to me,
Upon rising and you say,
"What do I do next?"

So there I was,
talking out loud,
it was because,
I was in a crowd.
A crowd? Wait one,
I must admit,
the quiet has been nice,
but not at the
cost of the life
of others, of who I read.
No longer with us,
so many are dead.
Say what you will.
Do what is right.
How in the World,
do you sleep at night?

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