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Posted by MFish

We had Liberty in a foreign port
and had to be back to ship by
12 Midnight, or Cinderella Liberty.
Returning to our ship prior to
2400 hours, or 12 midnight,
you would approach the ship
and do a hand salute to the stern
or rear of the ship, then a hand salute
to the Officer of the Deck, saying
"Requesting permission to come
aboard, Sir". Salute returned.
Then to your bunk, quietly undress,
clothes placed in your foot locker.
Climb into the suspended cot,
on to your mattress covered
by enclosing into a bag or as
we lovingly referred to as a
"Fart Sack." Pull the woolen
blanket over you and go to sleep.
Another day in Paradise,
courtesy of our Uncle Sam.

The ebb and flow
of living life,
from overpowering love
to increasing strife,
captures one's thoughts again,
filled with days of Sun
and nights of rain.
A battle will rage within
as we mortal people,
will decide to win,
the grandeur of this land,
will be captured once more
for the enduring glory of man.

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