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Posted by MFish

I went on active duty, in the Navy,
in October 1954. I was 19 years old,
a small-town boy looking to get away,
in search of adventure.

Inducted in Seattle, physical, inoculations,
while only wearing your socks, shoes and
of course, holding a clipboard, with your
records. The issue of being unclothed,
naked soon passed.

We stayed a few nights in Naval Barracks,
in Seattle. The next day we caught a Naval
Air, transport, flying from Whidbey Island
Naval Air Station, to Moffett Field, in California.
I believe it was just outside of San Francisco.
It was on a Saturday.

Being young, away from home, we pooled our
resources and took a Cab into San Francisco.
We were able to buy a bottle from the driver.
Our destination, "Coffee Dan's" which was a
bottle club or bring your own bottle and buy,
the mix of your choice.

We spent several hours there and returned to
base as we had a scheduled flight from Moffett,
to North Island Naval Air Station, in San Diego.

I had transportation to a dock where there was
a water taxi. It took me to my new home,
the USS Marsh, DE699. I was deposited to a
temporary bunk in the forward mess hall,
until the next when I was assigned to my
permanent bunk, below deck, in the fantail,
next to the laundry. This would be my home,
for the next two years.

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