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Posted by MFish

The Crocodile was on a log,
right next to me.
It was wearing purple socks,
quite easy to see.
I said something,
perhaps just a word,
when I saw a color,
a very bright flash
and realized the Croc
had on a purple sash.
I was taken aback,
by the splendid dress,
when I realized my clothes
were a rumpled old mess.
I noticed it was eating some food,
red beans and rice,
not with a spoon or a fork,
like you and I would.
I was starving and hungry
and said with a flair,
"would you mind sharing
your wonderful fare?"
Sure it said, with a grin
just very simply
put your hand in.
I looked at my hand
saying with a small voice,
"are there other options,
or is that my only choice?"
The Crocodile rolled off of the log,
into the slimy green deep,
as I struggled to awaken
from my deep Winter sleep.

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Loy • 01/07/2020 at 09:06PM • Like Profile

Great poem/story!

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