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Posted by MFish

The Crocodile was on a log,
right next to me.
It was wearing purple socks,
quite easy to see.
I said something,
perhaps just a word,
when I saw a color,
a very bright flash
and realized the Croc
had on a purple sash.
I was taken aback,
by the splendid dress,
when I realized my clothes
were a rumpled old mess.
I noticed it was eating some food,
red beans and rice,
not with a spoon or a fork,
like you and I would.
I was starving and hungry
and said with a flair,
"would you mind sharing
your wonderful fare?"
Sure it said, with a grin
just very simply
put your hand in.
I looked at my hand
saying with a small voice,
"are there other options,
or is that my only choice?"
The Crocodile rolled off of the log,
into the slimy green deep,
as I struggled to awaken
from my deep Winter sleep.

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Loy • 01/07/2020 at 09:06PM • Like

Great poem/story!

From the depths of the bottomless pit
of broken hearts, shattered dreams
and unkept promises, comes a resurgence
of thought, old ideas melted together
with technology that will promise the
Moon to all the dreamers of a new life.
We bog down with the displeasures of
yesterday. The long denials of what we
did to make the World a better place
for all it's citizens.
Then a wanna be, self anointed demagogue,
disrupts the norms and quirky perceptions
of the Golden Rule of treating others
like you want to be treated.
The hatred and vitriolic behavior of
one who leads, spreads out like
morale vomit, by a "Stable Genius",
who is twice removed from human decency.
No loyalty for others. Use them and
discard, with no sense of responsibility.
Backed by a Senate with no control
or courage to make a stand.
Ruination of a long lost Party, runined by
one man, with hundreds being complicit.

I hear her voice,
in the morning hour.
"Hello, are you awake?
are you in there?"
Then she will ask of me,
"What do I do now?"
She has no memory
of what or how
to proceed with her day.
I explain to her, she needs
some clothes and show
her the way down the stairs.
She no longer puts her pills out
as she used to do, so I do that
now, just for her.
I'll fix her breakfast and a cup
of tea, then I will fix
something for me.

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