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Posted by MFish

I am dwelling now,
on friends we had.
The joy and fun,
not being sad.
Many of the friends
of so long ago,
are gone now and so
the memories we have
of happy days, gone by
and the missing friends,
I want to cry.
Where are you now?
Where did you go?
I miss all of you.
The laughter at our jokes,
has gone away
and is only there
in our memory foray.

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Loy • 12/17/2019 at 11:40AM • Like 1

Nice poem, hard to lose friends but nice to have fond memories.

Words that begin flowing
towards paper, with pen in hand.
Are words left unspoken,
just heard in my head.
I write these thoughts, unthinking.
Free of the fear of failing,
when I send these words to thee.
Where am I now? What's next to do,
but to shelter and protect, my only you.
Where ever I go, what ever happens,
when I am around you,
it is so good for me,
I hope it is for you too.
For you are the one I love, every day.
I hope that this feeling never goes away.

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