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Posted by MFish

I am saddened, on this day,
for an old friend, has gone away.
Gone away because some new disease,
that can't be treated, not with ease.
When your Doctors suggest that you
call in Hospice, so they can review
the needs of your body's care.
To recommend and make you aware
of the end of this life and need of repair.
I am saddened to relate that today
Our friends heart gave out, he passed away.
Long rest, my friend of many a year
It won't be long for I am near
and will see you soon, at life's end
for you were a great, caring friend.

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Loy • 12/17/2019 at 11:41AM • Like 1 Profile

Beautiful poem - very touching.

A green, colored Mule, was wandering along,
humming the melody of a beautiful song.
As he wondered, mostly out loud,
should I join up with a crowd
of people or other just like me?
Not with people as I won't fit in.
It will be with Mules; they are my kin.
What about the green shade of your skin?
Color only matters to people, there in.

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