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Posted by MFish

My heart breaks, as tears
moisten the corner of my eyes.
I hold it together when I am
in her presence but sometimes
I just can't do it, so I
leave the room.
I must stay strong, for her sake;
besides she doesn't shed tears,
having little tolerance for those who do.
She told me, "I love you" the other day.
Not typical. If I tell her, "I love you"
she will respond with, "love you too."

Our life is a shamble,
at least it is to me,
for we no longer talk freely.
You speak words, yes you do,
but there the same words,
that you say, over and over again.
Every few minutes you will say,
"I liked that place,
what was it called?",
not recalling anything
I'd told you before.
My patience has become strained,
as I repeat my answer again.
I do not say I told you that before.
Reminding myself, it's not
her fault, not in any way,
while I continue to see you,
slowly slipping, slipping away.

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