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Posted by MFish

Those words that come to me at night
have meaning to me.
Perhaps, if you like what I say,
the words will return.
Trying hard to write something new,
that will have meaning to all,
not just a few,
has become harder for me to do.
Some words are lame; simply text.
Nothing to say or do something next,
but stop writing. Write a long story,
hear some music, sing a song,
be inspired or upset about
something, old or new.
It really depends upon you.

A green, colored Mule, was wandering along,
humming the melody of a beautiful song.
As he wondered, mostly out loud,
should I join up with a crowd
of people or other just like me?
Not with people as I won't fit in.
It will be with Mules; they are my kin.
What about the green shade of your skin?
Color only matters to people, there in.

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