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Posted by MFish

Twas the way it was,
back in the day, early
1960's, working at my
first, full time job, in a
Corporate environment.

Hired as a Management
trainee, at Sears Roebuck,
in Moses Lake, WA. A Sears
catalog operations.
Sears was a Corporation which
had three means of doing business.
1) Direct mail
2) Retail Stores,
3) Catalog Sales Stores

My employment was in a
Catalog Sales office, administered
out of Seattle, where there was a
Catalog Merchandise Distribution
Center, aka, CMDC. Sears had
several of those across the United
States, from Chicago, Kansas City,
Philadelphia, Dallas, and Los Angeles.
More CMDC's would be added, in Florida,
and other spots as the Catalog Business,
was a growing business. Ironic when Sears,
who dominated the Catalog order business,
leaves the business, prior to Amazon.

(to be continued)

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