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Posted by MFish

I was reminded,
by a good friend,
to get out and about,
if I wanted my sadness to end.

Here is an observation of yesterday,
at the Crossroad Mall, in Bellevue.
I noticed several older men, flying solo,
with a faraway look in their eyes.

Alone? Lonely? Why? Looking for companionship,
may be the reason. Few of use want to be alone,
or not have someone to talk to.
I've noticed, for me that it's a bigger issue than
I had thought it was.

I made an escape from the Senior Living facility,
where I reside. I like it there but it's like family,
and the last place I want to be to seek companionship,
is there. Not because of the people but due to the
close proximity of a place, where this little privacy.
Everyone knows what everyone is doing. Not for me,
although I do have many friends there who I love
like siblings. Thank you for reading this short ditty
of life at a late age in life.

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