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Story Cont.

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We as humans, should not just look at our own plight,
but respect the concerns of others, as we continue on
with our fight for a life, in this new way of living.

Nothing has changed, for either of us, in this short time. I
developed a great fondness for this woman, who had
entered into my life. We dealt with our individual.
tragedies, in our own way while developing a love for
each other. Companionship at its finest.

Much of what I have written, is true and factual. My father
did own a tavern, The Looking Glass, after WWII. The
story of meeting another woman, has not happened, as
I am still, deep within the grieving process, after the loss
of my wife on December 24, 2023. Time will help but never
replace the love I lost. Thank you for your patience in
reading this unstructured, spontaneous story.

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