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Posted by MFish

I went to visit my wife yesterday afternoon.
She was not in the dining room, and most of
the residents had almost finished eating.

She wasn't enraptured to see me. No smile,
just a dull look in her eyes. I suspect she had
just woken and was still sleepy.

I was irritated as the custom had been to
wake those sleeping, around 3 or 4 so they
would be ready for dinner a little after 5.
It wasn't the case yesterday. This raised a
question about is this a normal treatment
or just an aberration?

I understand the demands placed upon the
Care Givers here. There are some residents,
are vocal, some very vocal, so they get attention.
My wife however, seldom speaks and doesn't
attract the attention that others may.

I like the staff who work with my wife but
this situation upsets me, if it is routine.
Looks like another meeting with management
is in order.

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