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Posted by MFish

I Am Tiring

Posted by MFish Profile 10/07/23 at 01:21AM Share Lifestyle See more by MFish

I am tiring,
when faced with those,
who attempt to play,
"head" games.

"Suck up's" are nearby,
buddying up with those
who had a position here.
Enough already. Pay no homage.

There are some "smooth talkers",
here, all men. Some naive women,
who don't recognize when
someone is "hitting on" them.

I suppose there are some
games they played before,
coming here.
I've heard most of them.

I am certain, this isn't the only
place where this occurs. Nevertheless,
I find it amusing, but also sad these
type of games being played at
this time of life.
How old am I?

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