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Posted by MFish

I Was at a Dance

Posted by MFish Profile 08/17/23 at 11:46PM Share Humor See more by MFish

I was at a dance
the other day.
Wait it was at night,
what else can I say?

I looked across the room
thick with smokey haze.
It was hard to see
who danced to amaze.

I caught a glimpse
of a beautiful girl,
she had lovely clothes
and wore many a pearl.

I approached her,
and took my chance,
hoping she would say yes
to a little romance.

She looked at me
with beautiful eyes
and said, "you don't
look wealthy or wise."

Embarrassed I was,
I could feel my shames,
and had just experienced,
another, "Shot down in Flames."

There is a lesson
I want to share.
Don't give up,
there are more out there.

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