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Posted by MFish

Driving North

Posted by MFish Profile 07/05/23 at 11:49PM Share Humor See more by MFish

Driving North, with a shipmate,
on our way to the Yakima Valley.
My old friend, Virgil, is from Grandview.
He had purchased a Hudson Hornet,
a 4dr Sedan.

Driving North on highway 99. It was dark,
no ambient light, no moon, or stars.
Pitch black and driving fast. When a fuse blew
and we had no lights, Nada, Zilch.

A funny thing occurs when it goes suddenly
dark and the realization you have lost the
sensation of movement.
Applying the brakes, thinking you have stopped,
and you haven't realized it. Exiting the car can
be interesting when your feet hit moving ground.
We finally fixed the fuse and were on our way.

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