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Posted by MFish

A Dog and A Mule

Posted by MFish Profile 05/07/23 at 07:49AM Share Humor See more by MFish

A dog and a mule,
we're taking a walk.
There was a conflict,
The dog wanted to talk.

It seems his new neighbor,
was a long-haired kitten,
who the dog had
become quite smitten.

Tell me my friend,
What is wrong, you see?
I like this kitten,
but she doesn't like me.

The mule thought long,
then said with a smile,
perhaps, the kitten.
likes not your style.

What do you mean,
not liking my style?
I am the most handsome
she has seen in a while.

Surely you jest,
said his friend the mule,
did you think you're wise,
or are you playing the fool.

I think I am
handsome and wise,
considered a good catch
by all of the guys.

The kittens not a guy,
You should know that by now.
If you want to impress,
You should learn to Meow!

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