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Posted by MFish

I thought I had my emotions,
under control.
I was mistaken.
The ugliness of this disease,
is beyond description.

She got mad at me,
wandering away.
I messed up, by not going
after her.
She went into the kitchen,
of the Dining hall and was
yelling at people.

I went and returned her to
the table where our dinner, was
waiting. She didn't want to eat.
I managed to get her to eat.
She had calmed down.

I took her back to memory care
and she got mad at me. Not sure
why. She cussed me out, told me
to leave, etc.
So, I did.

Now I sit in my room all
teary eyed and upset with
myself. I do not like myself,
at the moment although I
do understand, it probably
wasn't anything I did.

Sorry for the laying this out
for you all.
Thank you for your patience and

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