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Posted by MFish

To run again,
is my goal.
Start my walk,
begin the toil.

Years, long ago,
6 miles I'd run,
every day, it was
not work, just fun.

Increase the miles,
more to come.
Fifty miles, each week,
and we weren't done.

A good friend,
said to me,
"A marathon, next,
low entry fee.

To Vancouver BC,
in the middle of May.
26.2 miles to run,
on our way.

Up the road,
thru Stanley Park,
over the bridge,
still a lark.

Halfway through,
starting to ache.
How much stress,
can this body take?

Finish line,
now in sight,
pickup speed,
I'll sleep tonight.

26.2 miles, 4hrs, 2 mins,
First marathon, 55 years old.

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