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Posted by MFish

The World, once his Oyster,
now broken and apart,
he vowed to keep on living,
in matters of the heart.

As life is still ongoing,
it may end before the start,
becoming his damnation,
in matters of the heart.

Trying to do things wisely,
and to be working smart,
all his efforts follow,
in matters of the heart.

A long life together,
living now apart,
while love still exists,
in matters of the heart.

In the world of History,
studies of the art,
the World is indifferent,
In matters of the heart.

The love for another,
a quest to be a part,
an overwhelming desire
in matters of the heart.

When I arise in morning,
the horse before the cart,
I write down my words,
in matters of the heart.

A Comment by Loy

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Loy • 01/16/2023 at 11:19AM • Like Profile

Beautiful poem MFish. Thank you

A Comment by MFish

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MFish • 01/16/2023 at 02:48PM • Like Profile

Thank you so much. My 2 am interuptor.

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