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Posted by MFish

I literally, trudged through,
the clutter in my mind, as
I try to get a grip on what
is happening to me, emotionally.
I believe I am a basket case,
with many holes in the basket.
I tend to not worry about
things. I am concerned when
there are changes which
affect me and those I love.
Here we are, my wife in
Memory Care, with Advanced
Vascular Dementia-Alzheimer,
while I am in Independent Care.
I do like where I am but
have difficulty breaking the
daily contact with my beloved.
I am told I must allow her to
be cared for by the professionals.
I know that is correct and that
I need to take care of myself.
Easier to say than to do but,
I am making an effort, to do so.
Good golly, Miss Molly, I am
missing you.

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