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Posted by MFish

I currently reside with my wife at a facility
for Memory Care. She has advanced Alzheimer
This was a new event for me.
My beloved doesn't like certain foods and sometime
they are served in this "mess hall" type of food
distribution for meals.
My first task after she is served is to remove those
food items which I know she won't eat.
I was doing this, with the pickled beets placed
upon her plate. A older gentleman, I will call him
that although he is usually not, came to our table
and said, "Why are you stealing this woman's food?"
I replied with, "It's none of your business, please
leave." He started to lunge at me with a clenched
fist but was restrained by the staff who saw him
on the move, from several tables away.
I just sat there and told him this was my wife.
Just another day in a place where most of the
residents are dealing with memory issues.
Those residents who I talk with during the day
are kind, considerate but have loss of memory
issues. All is well in Memory Care Land.

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