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Posted by MFish

It's funny how thoughts pop into your head.
My grandparents retired from the railroad.
My father and I both worked there for a short time.
Our family home, when in high school, was close
to the railroad tracks.
I would use the RR tracks for a path to go hunting
and fishing.
I recall, when walking down the hall at the memory
care unit, where both my wife and I now reside.
My beloved is in early or mid-Alzheimer and walks with
a short, choppy walk. I found myself walking in a similar
shuffle and it brought to mind my youthful days walking
the tracks. Walking on the ties required two small steps
the one long step and repeat. Or you could tread on every
tie, which wasn't ideal. It's funny about recollection and
what can trigger the thought.
Thank you for your patience and support over the years
as I scribbled out my thoughts and little odes.

A Comment by Loy

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Loy • 10/15/2022 at 12:17AM • Like 1 Profile

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and poems - I look forward to reading them.

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