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Posted by MFish

Ever Forward

Posted by MFish Profile 03/05/22 at 12:24AM Share Other See more by MFish

Ever forward,
into the breech,
searching for answers,
I must seek,
the cause of
sadness which
causes us
to weep.
An experience
felt by many,
I know,
who may not
material read
as they become
part of the
walking dead.
No imagination,
never a dream
about anything
happening in
the World today.
Seek out
the ignorance
and those
who proclaim,
their innocence,
when they
play the game.
Life is a
a game of
and choice.
If you
are lucky,
you can rejoice,
as long as
you made
the right choice.
Live life
to the fullest,
be happy today,
before an illness
takes love away.

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MFish • 03/06/2022 at 12:10AM • Like Profile

Thank you, Loy.

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