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Posted by MFish

Words in my head,
words that I hear.
Write them down quickly
or they disappear.
Words with true meaning,
words that are false,
but they are leaning
to being something else.
Words that feed me.
Words that I see.
Thank God for
delivering them to me.
Words by themselves
have a lot to say.
For me it's simple
they brighten my day
I will keep writing,
as long as I can,
for after all
I'm a word driven man.

The days, once long, are now quite brief.
The heat from Summer, gone with relief.
The Fall, we know, now does appear.
The shrubs and tree branches, are clear.
The leaves that were amassed in trees,
Are on the ground, up to my knees.
Fallen leaves to be raked, once again,
Before the Fall's continual rain.

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