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Posted by MFish

I can't imagine what you are going through
When you no longer know what to do.
Patience for me, is what I need
To understand, care and to feed,
The failing mind of the one I hold dear.
Please don't forget me. That's what I fear.
But if that time comes, when you do
Forget my name. I will still know you.
I love you so, my dearest wife.
It pains me to see this in your life.

What happens when your
mind starts to go?
When you no longer remember
all that you know
and everything in front
of you, has no name.
It's something you knew;
a simple instruction of put on
your slippers, when you arise,
is met with puzzlement and surprise.
When you look at a shirt on a chair
and say to me, "Is this it?"
At that moment, I have become aware
you know nothing of what I say.
So, I help you now to get
ready for another new day.

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