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Posted by MFish

Our vessel, our ship,
is moored at a dock.
I need to pick up
the ship's mail.
I hike down the pier
and when I arrive
at the end, I use the
phone there to call
my escort. They arrive
in a jeep and take
me to another pier,
where I board
a small boat. The trip
is short, to another
small island in the
Enewietok Atoll.
I go to the FPO,
pick up the ship's mail,
head back to the boat,
climb aboard and
return to my friends,
who give me a ride
to the piers very end.
Down to the ship,
sort out the mail,
then have Mail Call.
Only a few men receive mail,
they are the lucky ones.
I look for a letter,
coming here, from you.

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