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Posted by MFish


Posted by MFish Posted on 08/02/2019 at 09:26AM Humor See more by MFish

I sit on a lily pad,
looking at the blue sky,
watching for shadows,
that catch my eye.
If I see a shadow or movement,
then into the water,
I'll jump, again.
I am a Bullfrog;
proud as can be,
for I'll sing my song
and I will sing it for free.
The sound of my voice,
along with my Frog friends,
bring a rapturous melody
so I can pretend,
that if kissed by a Princess,
my Frog life will end.
Are you a Princess, I ask thee?
If you are, please oh please,
just kiss me.

The good old days are now gone.
The lives lost in this virus run,
Be they daughter, husband, wife or son.
A much too early return to work
Or the open a business, to crowds,
Was poor judgement, if it was used.
It now appears the citizens were confused,
As our leader, said it will be gone
In mid April, when it is warm.
Wrong again, with your guessing game,
As you violate any sense of reason.
Not wearing a mask. It is your claim
The petulant child you; are to blame.
May Karma grab you by your shirt
And plant your face into the dirt.

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