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Posted by MFish

My mind has been locked in step.
No thoughts come forth as to what to write.
A vacuum co-exists, within the mind,
As decay starts to attack inside.
No help is coming soon, so
I must jar the mind loose,
By using a mental broom,
To sweep the cobwebs, from this head.
Where are those thoughts from before,
Not knocking on the mental door?
I wish I knew the answers then.
A solution is needed. Not sure when.

The end of Summer.
A brand new Fall.
Another season,
As I recall,
The leaves soon
Will be aglow,
When Nature starts
It's beautiful show.
Reds, orange, yellow, brown
A great display
For all to view.
I love this annual
Cycle that ensues.
The wind will freshen.
Leaves will fall
As Winter approaches;
We know it will,
When the temperature drops
And we get a chill.

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