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Posted by MFish

Again the Crow

Posted by MFish Profile 07/24/19 at 11:05PM Share Other See more by MFish

Once again, the Crow came down
to check the rain slicked grass.
Looking for worms to eat.
For those of you, that do not
know, worms will surface,
if there is rain, for they
need to breathe, as they cannot
if there is too much water.
Watch the Crow, tilt their head,
to see the hunting ground.
For hunting is what they do
and it's done with little sound,
but if they discover a source of
food for them, they will caw and
caw some more to advise their
family and their friends.
A Crow, you see, is a very
intelligent creature, that stays
together as family until one
does demise. They are not only smart
but also very wise.

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