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Local Focus – Global Reach

Posted by MFish

For a want of life
and freedom too,
I must do what
I must do.
Cross the border
to get away,
from the threat of death
and my children's starvation,
by coming to this country
for a precious education.
Is this wrong? Yes it is,
but a better life is what I seek.
I work hard for what I do,
so hate me not, as I try to stay
in this great country, the U. S of A.

I lay in bed at darkest night,
I cannot sleep, so I will write.
Writing words that come to mind
like oil to water, I will find.
The words flow to paper and
I write them quickly, with my pen.
Words that mean so much to me,
Hoping that the readers will see,
The thoughts, that grew in the darkness
of my head now make sense or are a mess.
It is hard to write now, I approach the end
Hoping you will like this, just pretend.

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