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Posted by MFish


Posted by MFish Posted on 06/30/2019 at 11:31PM Other See more by MFish

Playing in a coaches league. Soccer in early Spring,
At Marymoor Park, it was a Male thing.
I had just received a pass from my mate,
When a player, from the other team
Hit me from behind, as I was kicking the ball.
My foot hit the ground, with a sizeable force.
I heard a SNAP, my ankle of course.
I limped to the side, swearing in vain
For I started to fell this terrible pain.
I sat down next to some friends
And took off my shoe on the injured leg.
Taking my foot out of the shoe
And watched as my foot swelled to almost
Double it's size. I was helped to my car,
Across a very wide ditch and drove
To our home, thankful for automatic.
I pulled into the driveway, which was on a slope,
Honked the horn, looking for help.
My wife came out and rescued me.
Going across the street to see
Our neighbor who was an Orthopedic, M. D.
He drove me down to his office
In Redmond, where he put on
A soft cast, up to my knee
To make sure I had circulation.
I went to the store and got me some crutches
And would meet the Dr. the next day.
He put me in a cast above my knee.
The pain, I recall was like stabs of
Fire, especially when I dropped my
Foot from my desk drawer, where it rested.
A short story but there is more to tell
About driving to Lincoln City, for vacation.

I went to a bar to get a drink,
for sometimes it helps me to think.
It was a dark, quiet, just before noon.
When I looked to my left there was a Baboon.
"Do I know you?", I said to he.
"I don't believe so, although I see
a resemblance of an old friend of mine,
who knew me when young and was kind
to me and family at that time of my life
and was the place I first met my wife."
That was the Baboon, relating to this old man,
of what his life was and how it began.
I was captured and removed from my family;
taken to a place where I could no longer be
with from my friends and others like me.
So I became lonely, very much like thee.
I thought a little as I remembered that refrain,
so I said, "My friend, are you pulling my chain?"

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