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Posted by MFish

If what is who
and gone is went,
must we now go
but not relent
and make amends
for all the lies
that doesn't unite
just unties.
The future of this country;
where is the honorable man
who tells the truth
so we understand?
A stable genius,
he is not.
Unfortunately, he is
what we've got.
If you like him
that's your choice.
As for me,
I will rejoice
when he is gone.

Always interesting when entering
the house and forgetting
to turn off the alarm.
As the alarm was squawking at me,
I was yelling at the alarm.
Probably something like who
the heck are your parents, et al.
The alarm stopped it's siren noise,
after I entered the pass code,
and received a call from a lovely
person at the Alarm Company, that
wanted to know if we were OK.
After I explained my memory lapse,
she asked for my password, which I supplied.
A very polite, Customer Service Representative
who was patient and understanding of
this old, forgetful person.

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