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Posted by MFish Profile 09/21/21 at 11:05PM Humor See more by MFish

is a number,
also a sound,
which ends with
the final countdown.

also a number
of one plus one,
which totals two
when you are done.

also a number,
important to me.
The month
of your birth,
in our history.

a number,
broad in scope,
remember now,
don't be a dope.

Five ,
is a number.
Cinco to you.
A fifth
when a quart
won't do.

a number
of a five and a one.
A half a dozen,
isn't this fun?

a number,
total days in
a week.
A lucky number
is what we want.

a number,
a doubling of four,
eighter from Decatur,
I'll say no more.

also a number,
which will shine,
an upside down
six, most of the time.

is a number,
the top
of the chain.
An end
to this
Say you're
a Ten,
then walk away.

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MFish • 09/22/2021 at 05:45AM • Like Profile

Thank you. A 10, a friend, is what you are.

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MFish • 09/22/2021 at 05:47AM • Like Profile

Thank you. I owe it to you for providing this format to all.

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A recollection
from a long ago time,
living in Riverton Heights.
Riding our bicycles,
on Hiway 99
to Angle Lake,
for an afternoon swim.
Pedaling past Bow Lake,
more of a pond,
there wasn't an
airport, not on that day.
If you go to the Hilton,
go to the back,
Bow Lake is there
and that is a fact.

He Was Tall

Posted by MFish Profile 09/20/21 at 11:04PM Other See more by MFish

He was tall.
He was thin.
A skeletal man,
who still smoked,
using Bull Durham
and roll your
own papers.
Lay out the paper,
making a slight crease,
pour in the tobacco,
roll into a tube.
Lick the last edge,
to seal the fag.
Twist both ends,
put into the bag.
Take one cigarette,
you rolled on your own.
Strike a wooden match
on the seat
of your pants.
Light up the joint,
taking a big drag,
for this is
your reward,
a carcinogen fog.


Posted by MFish Profile 09/20/21 at 10:57PM Life Stories See more by MFish

When a large mass
is also a morass,
does it mean,
we are breaking apart:
How else your disdain,
over the rockiest path,
has torn a hole in my heart.
What else can I do,
when caring for those,
who come here, in part?
Who is to say, on this day
or even next week,
when you weren't here at the start.

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