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We were young and a pair of fools,
Who played hard, when we could,
Breaking all the known rules.
Frank was my close friend.
He became my best man.
We would go out to drink beer,
From bottles, not from a can.
Frank had a 47 Ford, Turtleback
And mine was a 47 Plymouth Coupe.
We would cruise through the 'Burg,
Around the block, doing a big loop.
We liked the noise of the cars
And would exchange our mufflers
With Smittys, glaspaks and
Were nice sounding with Echo cans.
We would cruise the town, like LeMans.
Noise from the Smittys were not crass
And when we cruised by the stores,
We could rattle the window glass.
Those were the days; no more to see
For most of my friends
Are now sweet history.

I don't know why.
You tell me,
Why my mind,
Locks up
With thoughts,
Too small
Or so large.
I need to clear,
At least for me,
This pile of words,
Hindering my mind.
Stuck away
To those places,
So deep inside.
Help me, please,
This voice does plead,
For I cannot see
What lies ahead,
Besides the agony
Of a body's failings.
No matter what.
No matter who.
I need freedom
To see myself
As others do.

Words in my head,
words that I hear.
Write them down quickly
or they disappear.
Words with true meaning,
words that are false,
but they are leaning
to being something else.
Words that feed me.
Words that I see.
Thank God for
delivering them to me.
Words by themselves
have a lot to say.
For me it's simple
they brighten my day
I will keep writing,
as long as I can,
for after all
I'm a word driven man.