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My heart's irregular beat
within my chest.
A physical event or feat
causes me to rest.
The soul I know, lies within,
undisturbed momentarily.
It's anguish will soon begin
when observing the futility
of fighting a disease this grim,
that borders on absurdity.
But fight we must, I say
It must readily need to be
for our life this way
is not certain; this we see.

For a want of life
and freedom too,
I must do what
I must do.
Cross the border
to get away,
from the threat of death
and my children's starvation,
by coming to this country
for a precious education.
Is this wrong? Yes it is,
but a better life is what I seek.
I work hard for what I do,
so hate me not, as I try to stay
in this great country, the U. S of A.

That loveliest of smiles,
That cute, silly grin,
The love that I see,
Coming from within.

You walk with grace,
No matter the time,
So I must say,
Wherever the place,
The love I feel
Will be set in space.

Thus, you my friend,
That's what you are,
A beacon of light;
The shiniest; a star.

You listen to me
As I relate my fear
And comfort is brought,
By your being near.

Dear heart, please stay,
Bring me your strength,
To face every day
With grace from God,
Will keep fear away.

In this darkest hollow of my mind,
I find myself, lost and alone,
Nevermore to see my love.
The way she was, when we were young,
Why her? I ask these words
As the absurdity of this disease is
Fraught with frustration of knowing not,
What to do when the mind moves away,
From our Mortal being.