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Listening to music,
from Raechel Yamagata,
a citizen of Pennsylvania.
While I write or I should say
while I type my handwritten
notes that appear in this
Publication. Thank you, Carl
for allowing me to write and put into
your, Website. I am truly grateful.

A Comment by Carl

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Carl • 06/10/2023 at 08:35AM • Like 2 Profile

Thank you Jerry, but the thanks belong to you. I always look forward to reading your posts and I know others do as well. They are a gift which is appreciated.

John O'Donohue (1956 - 2008) was an Irish poet, philosopher and scholar, a native Gaelic speaker. He wrote numerous international best-selling books including: Anam Cara, Beauty, Eternal Echoes, and Benedictus: A Book of Blessings- Published in the US as To Bless the Space Between Us. John O'Donohue Official Website.

Quote source: Excerpt from a radio interview with American journalist Krista Tippett had with him, "On Being," 

"In choosing Joe Rogan over Neil Young, the company has made its new priorities clear to listeners"....... "The withdrawal of two of the most important living musicians obviously dents the company’s value proposition, but the bigger impact may simply be that an alarm has been sounded. Spotify faces strong competition for capturing the world’s eardrums, and Apple, Amazon, Tidal, Bandcamp, and the local record store can make a new pitch: Spend your dollars on music, not on dangerous nonsense" Read more

Colette Maze, now 107, began playing the piano at age 5 and defied the social conventions of her day to embrace it as a profession rather than as a pastime. Her son first arranged for her performances to be recorded when she was in her 90s. She has just released her sixth album. Read full article

A Comment by Loy

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Loy • 05/24/2017 at 05:15PM • Like Profile



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