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Why am I sitting here,
not quite awake,
while words flow from my pen,
while sadness I forsake.

I think of you often,
since you went away,
and I'll always remember,
our last Holiday foray.

I miss you more,
when thinking of you,
as I'm trying to decide,
what I must now do.

A Comment by Loy

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Loy • 02/23/2024 at 08:39PM • Like Profile


You know who you are,
your style is unique,
as your smile still beguiles,
so this is how I speak.

I love you,
the way you are,
you have become,
a nice shining star.

A abrupt fall,
into sadness,
another lost soul,
gone away.

A long buildup,
had occurred,
the outcome

When death rears,
its ugly head,
now anticipation,
no more.

Sadness lingers on,
with little respite.
Check your emotions,
staying in control.

It doesn't work,
that way, not now,
can't you,
understand how?

You had a great life,
be thankful for that.
(I don't know, will
that bring her back?)

Why are you sad?
She's in a better place now.
I know this isn't true but I
understand she isn't suffering.

I still mourn,
what else can I do?
I love my wife, my partner and
best friend too.

I know the reason,
but I don't understand,
why it had to end this way.


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