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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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A lonely feeling,
Sitting in a bar
And the waitress
Takes 20 minutes
To get you a drink.

The sounds of spring
Ring eternally,
In my ear.

I love you,
Little one.
Long is my love
For you.
Gone are the sad days,
Back come the good,
When love was full
Of life,
Like you.

Were we once together,
Many years ago?
Were you my Juliet,
Was I your Romeo?
I feel I've known you forever,
Long before this life began.
Do you remember meeting,
In some secluded Glen?
Where ferns and soft
Grasses grow,
And rays of light, invade,
To push away the
Chill of night
And watch when
Love was made.

Do you remember?

Words are jumbled in my head,
Flying, bumping, rattling about,
Thoughts, running elusively.
I am unable to capture all,
Only bits and fragments.
I glimpse the thought
And it escapes,
Through the many corridors of
My mind.
Confusion, frustration, slow
The creative processes.
Control is lacking,
As the thoughts, speedily,

Another time,
In days gone by,
When I was young
And had to die,
For love of country.
Ask me why?

Gone from the roads
I used to tread,
Breathe no more
For now the dead,
No longer see,
No longer bed.

Remember those
Who came before,
They offered love
And even more,
But death still came,
Unto their door.

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Loy • 03/10/2018 at 10:16AM • Like

Beautiful poetry MFish - thank you for sharing it with us...

Somewhere, deep within,
Among your innermost feelings,
Lies the thought of love.
Without sound or light of day
Love will lie in waiting.
Waiting for that time or place
And someone, who, in passing,
Will stop to while away their time,
With simple visitation
And stay the night.