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Retired for many years and now re-discovering some writings, from long ago, along with new endeavor to help save my soul.

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Unable to sleep, the night before,
Waking, for that morning moment,
When arising, in the darkest black,
Eating a breakfast, of eggs and bacon,
Anxious to leave.
The anticipation, of seeing your
First animal, at any moment,
Carries you through the morning
And when, that moment happens,
Excitement, courses through
Your veins, overpowering
All your senses.
The shortness of breath,
Blood pounding in your temples
And then swiftly,
The animals are gone
And you're alone.

Some times, I need to just write, babble, trying to get the mind back to verse. The following has
no special meaning, to me personally. It is my way to clear my head. Hopefully it will work.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Are you the one,
I may be looking for?
Do you always make
My heart soar?
Would it be wrong,
If we had met before?
Or can I relate,
To an upcoming date,
Of what the future
Will bring, without knowing,
What I am looking for?
Is it a release to be,
Looking in every open door,
At someone, I've met before
Or is it, just a frustration,
That springs from days of yore?
How will I know,
When it's time to go,
To seek someone,
From youthful adoration,
That won't cause,
A big sensation.
Ask me not,
For I don't know
And hope that I can,
Let my feelings go.

Is there ever, a point in time,
When you would say, "I've had enough?
Seeing the change, to dependence on me,
Gradually, creeping in, all of the time,
Will strengthen resolve and make me tough,
To deal with those, without having time.
These issues, make a coward of me
And resolve them, I most certainly must,
Before my body and mind, turn to dust.

There is time, for me to say
That I love you, more, every day.
The wondering, not knowing what to do,
Pulls me closer, than ever, watching you.
I still marvel, at what I see
And admire, in you, that fine quality.
I ponder, the working of your mind
And how you manage, to stay so kind.
You are the beauty, that I adore
And want you to stay, forever more.
Please do not leave me, alone again.
I have not your strength, to hide the pain.

Long ago and far away,
I heard someone say,
That as we age, in this life,
There will be heartache and strife
But be aware, there will be happiness galore
That will overpower your senses,
As you feel the joy and love, beyond fences,
That try to contain, your own emotion
And that you use to strengthen devotion.
Love you not, a stranger then
But do love, as you make a friend.