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Posted by MFish

Can you help me, relive the past
When days were long but didn't last?
As long as there was light to see,
Our parents would always let us be.
Having fun playing Kick the Can,
An exercise, as we ran and ran.
Running, chasing others, scurrying about
While listening for that loud shout
From parents, yelling, "It's time for home".

Rid those of this disease you have,
for I abhor what I now see.
When you are in the "Sundowner Phase"
you ask many questions off the wall.
Questions that I know not at all.
"Do you remember that young man?"
I'll say, "I can't recall, unless
there are more specifics, for my guess".
I'll say, "Recently or long ago?"
She will say, "I don't know."

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