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Posted by MFish

The Road

Posted by MFish Posted on 03/30/2019 at 10:29AM Other See more by MFish

The road to that old miserable town
Is littered with all the shattered pieces,
Of broken hearts.
A love is lost; a friend passes
And again we say that all
The time in the World, matters not
For we are a frailness in this universe
That will not matter in the life
Of hate and division.
Leave us be, you most miserable wretch
For we need not your pettiness
Or hate of others.

The randomness of words,
lay on my plate.
Too many words may come
and they will suffocate.
The thoughts that are now
running through my head,
wishing they were happy,
but No; fearful instead
The words have become hateful;
not what they should be,
for I care for my own
and for strangers too,
as life has given pause
of what one can do.
A scary situation. It's been hard,
for if you are not diligent
and let your down your guard
you could be the victim
of Co-vid nineteen.

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